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Post  Toon Stig on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:48 am


By Toon Stig

I caught up with Pete 'Geordie Pitbull' Toogood, the passionate Newcastle fan who stands out from the crowds with his trademark Black and White striped painted face.

I asked Pete,
"How do you feel on a
match day going into SJP
in your paint?
What do you have to say
to your supporters and
why do you feel fans like
us get stick for our work
we do? How is life when
you dont wear paint?"

Pete had this to say,
"When im walking through
the streets on the way to
church(SJP). I feel great in
myself because i show the
colours of our club in
extreme style.

"We are mental, and mad,
and the loyalist the world
has ever had.
I get great credit off the
Toon Army for what i do,
and i love them all.
However, there are some
who seem to have a
problem with what i do,
including you Stig, and i
speak for us both when i
say that they dont know
us, and if they have a
problem with the way i
show my support then
they'll just have to deal
with it, because i wont
stop. I'll just keep doing
what im doing.
Maybe its jealousy. They
say i think im number 1. I
have to recall it was Alan
Pardew who branded me
the number 1 fan, which
was the proudest day of
my life.
They have a go at me
because i dont go to
EVERY single game.
This is why i say they dont
know me.
I am unable to attend
every single game, and
away games because ive
recently just moved back
to my mother Newcastle
from a course Grimsby,
and had to start from

"Life without the paint, is a
good question.
Im rather quiet to be
honest, but always Toon
A play sports, football,
boxing etc.
Now, im preparing myself
for the birth of my unborn
kid. Who is due in the
summer, where im hoping
for a mini Geordie Pitbull,
but if its a Geordie
Princess then i will still be
I find out the gender in
Febuary, so looking
forward to it.
Apart from that, i just
keep doing what im doing,
no matter who has a
problem with it.
Its what makes me, me.
The Geordie Pitbull."

Serving the Toon Army Smile
Toon Stig
Toon Stig

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LIFE BEHIND THE PAINT Empty emmbarrising

Post  geordiet on Thu May 31, 2012 10:22 pm

the toogood is an idiot your trying to get famous get a job instead of putting on facebook put a petion up so i can walk round the pitch on match day with u flag im all for toon supporters but come on toogood ur a wannabe mascot for newcastle you have no brains at all except you wont ever play or do anything for newcastle team all you will be is an passing trend which will end ... yes end you a nobody pete except it


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